aboutPhil is a Master Fitness Trainer and award winning competitive bodybuilder. He has years of experience in the fitness industry. With specialty certifications in Strength Training, Fitness Nutrition and Endurance Training, Phil offers several services backed by education and experience.

Phil believes that with the right guidance, anyone, whether competitive athlete, model or weekend warrior, can reach his or her fitness goals. Phil would love to help you along your fitness journey and towards a stronger version of yourself.

Phil is certified through The National Federation of Professional Trainers.

Legendary Fitness Systems offers the best hands on training experience available, backed by first hand experience experience and proven effectiveness of training methods. Results speak for themselves . Just look at some of the testimonials, competitive strength athletes, Fitness Models, physique athletes, competitive long distance runners, and myself, an award winning bodybuilder.

Don’t wait any longer. Get started working towards a fitter, stronger version of yourself. Get your first session, today!

Standard Personal Fitness Training. Both 45 min and 1 hr sessions are available.
45 min rates: single session $85 | 5 pack $400 | 10 pack $750
1 hr rates: single $95 | 5 pack $450 | 10 pack $850


• “the strongest I've ever been”• “the real deal”• “cared about helping me achieve my goals”• “quickly getting stronger & faster”
I’ve been training with Phil for close to 2 years and I cannot believe the transformation. Despite doing yoga regularly and running, my weight kept slowly increasing. A couple of months into my sessions with Phil I immediately began to notice a difference. Two years later, I am down to the same pant size I was in college and I am in the best shape ever-not to mention the strongest I have ever been. I cannot recommend Phil enough!
I found Phil through my doctor’s office. I was new to Washington after moving from New York and I wanted to find a good personal trainer. Not any trainer, but someone extraordinary who could help me achieve my goals without wasting my time or money. My doctor said “Phil’s the real deal” and encouraged me to call him. After meeting with Phil and discussing my long-term goals, I began training regularly with him 15 months ago. I can honestly say without hesitation that he is in fact the real deal and the best trainer in Washington.

My main goal apart from improving general health was to transform my body to a level I have never been able to achieve in the years I have been working out on my own and off and on with other personal trainers. When I first sat down with Phil, I told him what I wanted to accomplish and he worked patiently with me to put in place a workout and nutrition plan to achieve my objectives. No question he works me hard each and every workout and pushes me to my limit. That’s what a good trainer should do. The results haven’t come over night, but Phil kept me focused and patient as we worked together to transform my physique. What is impressive about Phil that sets him apart from almost ever other trainer is that he focuses on his client to make sure each and every rep is done correctly and safely. He’s not there to chit chat and waste time. He’s there to train me and also teach me. I often ask him for advice on how to properly perform exercises and on proper nutrition. I always learn something new from Phil. I learned from him that you can train all you want, but unless you pay attention to what you eat and keep focused on good daily nutrition and work with a trainer who really knows what he is doing, you’re wasting your time in the gym. It’s that simple.

Phil is the real deal. Just look at what he has helped me to achieve! My transformation is quite astonishing. I finally have a physique I have always dreamed of and now have a modeling contract as a fitness/physique model with a top agency in New York. Not bad for a guy my age! If you need additional information, ask Phil to put you in contact with me and I’m happy to answer your questions.

When I first became serious enough about working out to consider a personal trainer, I knew exactly what I didn’t want. I didn’t want a trainer who spent more time watching his phone than his clients’ form. I didn’t want a trainer who spent more time gossiping with her clients than training them. And I didn’t want a trainer who made his clients roll around on the floor like new Army recruits and do burpees until they dropped. I wanted a trainer who paid attention to me, cared about helping me achieve my goals, and could find a way for me to succeed without ever doing a burpee. Even though I had never done so, I wanted a trainer who would help me learn to lift weights. Really heavy weights.

That was two years ago, and since then I’ve done so much more than learn to lift weights. Working out with Phil, I’ve learned the importance of strength training. I’ve lost weight, gone down multiple dress sizes, and developed a body that I’m proud of, not just because I look good in my clothes, but more importantly, because I’m strong. I can feel it and I can see it. At Phil’s suggestion, and with his help and support, I’ve become a competitive powerlifter. When we started, I was squatting nothing but my own body weight, and my first dead lift was a ten pound kettle bell. Now I squat 240 and I dead lift 280.

At over 40 years old, I feel better, more energetic, and stronger than I ever have before. But I don’t just love the results from working out with Phil. I love the workouts themselves. He pushes me harder than I would push myself, and encourages me so that I can get through anything. A bad day turns into a good day when I get to the gym to train with Phil.

As an avid runner I wanted to strength train, but didn’t know how to properly and thoroughly train in the gym for my sport. I also stressed importance on wanting to be lean. After lifting on and off in the gym on my own, I teamed up with Phil, who consulted with me in detail about the training I was doing and understood that running was going to be a major focal point. He was constantly designing circuit strength exercises that would strengthen and stabilize my core, and also allow me to build an immense amount of muscular endurance.

The circuits were allowing me to capitalize on both strength and endurance, often working the exercises at a much elevated heart rate, while not being overly taxed to the point that my running efforts would see any decline. I was building and toning the right muscle groups, leaning out more, and quickly getting stronger and faster. After just a couple of months working with Phil, I made a huge leap in the 10K performance, taking 35:56 personal best down to 33:36. The strength training in the gym under Phil’s guidance was vital to my speed, as I was supplementing the gym sessions in place of speed workouts.

I continued to work with Phil, quickly recognizing the indispensable knowledge and understanding he has for proper strength training for individuals, and the sport and activities they participate in. The training schedule Phil had me on was very individual, tailored towards my focus and direction, and being a competitive athlete he knew he could push and test my ability to succeed further. Phil also has many diverse qualities in healthy fitness and training, and has guided me on nutritional and supplemental advice, as well as carbo-loading methods to maximize glycogen storage in the muscles.


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